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How our eyebrow trimmer works

Gently press the head of the unit flat against your skin. The unit should not be on an angle. Proceed making small circular motions to remove unwanted hair. NOTE: It is normal for the head to become warm with use.

Is it pain free?

The Sikora D-Lite Eyebrow trimmer is gentle on all skin types. It has a precision tip which removes hair instantly using its internal rotating blades giving you a well cut and silky-smooth result. It also comes with a built-in light which lets you see even the finest hairs.

Does it just trim and shape eyebrows?

The Sikora D-Lite Eyebrow trimmer does an amazing job to sculpt and tidy your eyebrows. It is also a very convenient way to remove any fine hair around the facial area. Clients loved the convenience of using it around their lips, ears and even trimming their nose hairs.

How long does The Sikora D-Lite Eyebrow Trimmer hold its charge?

Fully charged, The Sikora D-Lite Eyebrow trimmer can be used for as long as 20 minutes.

Are batteries included?

The Sikora D-Lite Eyebrow Trimmer comes with a USB charging cable. No need for batteries.

Why use the Sikora D-Lite Eyebrow trimmer as opposed to other models out there?

We know there’s a lot of choice out there. But here at Sikora we only promote the products we ourselves use and like. They got to do a great job, be reliable and look wonderful. If we like them, you will too. And with everything, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied.

If you have any more questions on how our eyebrow trimmer works, simply, get in touch.

Home beauty at your fingertips

The Sikora D-Lite electric eyebrow trimmer gently removes hairs, sculpts and tidies eyebrows. Invest in this painless, portable tool loved by both men and women wanting perfect brows. No more having to run to the salon every time your brows need some TLC.

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