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the rf+ems+led FACE MASSAGER


Think your skin can do better?  Yes it can!

Using the powerful combination of Radio Frequencies (RF), Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) and LED light therapy technology, the Sikora multi-functional beauty device will help to enhance and revitalise your facial skin and muscle tissue.

Sikora S-Elite LED Facial Massager

The Sikora RF+EMS+LED Facial Massager is an extremely stylish, safe and easy-to-use facial massager. It uses state-of-the-art Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation, Radio Frequency and LED Color Light Rejuvenation Technology to help tone, tighten and improving facial skin.



Introducing the Sikora S-Elite Facial Massager

The Sikora S-Elite RF+EMS+LED Facial Massager uses state-of-the-art Radio Frequency, Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation and LED Color Light Rejuvenation Technology to help tone, tighten and improve facial skin.

Stylish, lightweight and portable, the Sikora S-Elite Facial Massager will help tone your skin in 5 different ways.

  • Variety of RF, EMS and LED functions for healthier facial skin.
  • Radio Frequency (RF) The electric wave heats and promotes collagen regeneration.
  • Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) This micro-current technology stimulates muscles and nerves increasing facial firmness and restores elasticity of wrinkled and loose skin.
  • LED light therapy helps with skin tightening, cleansing and lightening.
  • Allows for deeper penetration of facial creams and serums
  • Stylish, quality French tube shape design.
  • Helps rejuvenate, clear or whiten the skin, safely and easily.
facial massager machine
electric facial massager

RED LED function
Regain elasticity for wrinkles, dry skin.

facial massager tool

BLUE LED function
Deep cleansing for oily, acne prone skin.

electronic facial massager

YELLOW LED function
Lightening and brightening of the skin, diminish spots.

facial massager with led light

Get the benefits of all functions in a single treatment.


Rejuvenation Technology


The Sikora S-Elite Facial Massager is an extremely stylish, safe to use RF, EMS facial massager that uses LED Color Light Rejuvenation Technology to help tone and tighten facial skin.

RF and EMS. Adopting advanced electroporation method, this stimulates the regeneration of collagen protein, improves absorption of nutritional ingredients in dermal layer, softens skin and restores elasticity of wrinkled and loose skin. 

Get more from your expensive skin care products

Use along with your favourite cream and serums. The Sikora Multi-functional beauty device lets the goodness of skin care products penetrate much deeper into your skin than your standard application practice. Feel the difference immediately.

invest in your DAILY skincare routine

Product Features

    • Stylish, Lightweight French Design
    • Electro Magnetic Head for RF and EMS
    • 4 LED Color Light Rejuvenation Settings
    • 4 RF/EMS Intensity Settings
    • USB Charge, no batteries required
    • Charge holds for up to 2 weeks
    • Works with any facial creams and serums
    • It’s a daily spa treatment for your face
    • Safe to use every day, twice a day
    electric face massager
    facial massager electric

    Why you need a Sikora Multi-functional Beauty Device

    We punish our skin by staying up too late, exposing it to too much sun, spending way too many hours in front of the office computer and working in dry and air-conditioned environments. All of this causes our facial skin to lose vital collagen protein. 

    If you have any questions about the benefits or how to use the Sikora Facial Massager, simply, get in touch.

    Look and feel younger

    The powerful combination of RF, EMS and LED from Sikora Beauty can put the bounce back into your face. A daily, professional facial treatment would cost you a fortune. Not any longer. The portable and easy to use facial massager is what men and women can use anywhere, anytime to stimulate the skin, improve facial features, tone the skin, and smooth out wrinkles.

    facial massager for wrinkles

    Customer reviews

    I have been having acne on my face and I had to go to see the dermatologist/MED SPA once a month for treatment. I would have LED treatment (red light and blue light) and to be honest it is costly each time we are talking about $150~200. I thought I’d give a try since it has multiple functions including red light and blue light. Guess what, it works great for me! I use blue lights 3 minutes to kill the virus and red light for another 3 to 5 minutes to speed up the healing process.Now my face looks much smoother—it really


    I was able to try this product out as part of a beta test. I haven’t tried LED therapy before, but I really like the vibration and light combo. It is also very simple and easy to use. I will have to update with continued use.

    Mary K

    I have to say this massager is amazing! I had very dry skin, but now my skin looks dewy, glowy and healthy after I started to use this massager. I couldn’t go out without my makeup on, but I now prefer going out with my bare face. Besides, I don’t get any creasing nor have cakey face since my face got healthier and all makeup products sit on my face well. I can’t stress enough how much I like this massager! I recommend to buy this awesome massager. 


    I must be honest, I’m 45 and have neglected my skin for many years, I honestly don’t think that any device regardless of the price can fix in a couple days what has been ignored for a long time. My hope is to use it as part of my new routine to help my skin, and  i am seeing  daily improvements on my skin. Thanks Sikora Beauty to give my charm back.


     Loved it from the first time I used it.  I have oily skin which is prone to acne.   I use the number 4 intensity to really feel the electric current with the blue light. I use it with my Rose Hip oil and the massager really helps it sink into the skin.  It’s definitely part of my nightly bedtime beauty routine now.

    Ashleigh H

    Using this product it tightens my skin, reduces visible pores and helps absorb my night cream really well.  Within the first week you start noticing tightness and smoothness.

    Fozia Y

    I’m very surprised.  I have a couple of freckles on my cheek and after using it for a couple of weeks it’s actually reduced their darkness.  I’m up to week 3 so let’s see where this goes.  So far so good and at this stage would definitely recommend.

    Jennifer K

    Who doesn’t love a good face massage.  I go into bliss mode every time I use it. Just love the electric current running through my face.


    At first I thought the price was a little high but there are similar products out there going for 500+ so I didn’t feel too bad about spending the money.  I also appreciated the express shipping thats included. 

    As far as the device goes, I started using the multi setting first as I thought I might as well treat my skin to everything.  Funny thing is, after a couple of days I gravitated more towards the blue color.  Not sure why, but my skin just seems to react better with that setting and with my night cream.  The RF EMS took a little bit of getting used to too.  I started with intensity 4 and this was way too strong. Now I jump between 2 and 3.  It kind of depends what cream, oil or serum you use.  Theres a bit of experimenting  involved. I would recommend this product to people who are serious about their beauty and facial routine.  It is easy to use straight out of the box but to get to the ideal setting takes a little bit of time. 

    Susanne A


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